Tamara Levitt

Tamara is an author, producer, speaker, and Head of Mindfulness at Calm.com

A 3-Day Silent Retreat

Tamara spends 3 days at the Insight Meditation Centre in Santa Cruz and shares a recap of the amazing experience she had, to help her followers adjust their expectations of their own meditation practice. Tamara says that as humans our minds will race and ruminate, but we are doing just fine if we can get equanimous with that.

4th Anniversary Book Release for National Book Month

And the 4th anniversary of the release of The Secret to Clara's Calm.

Tamara’s book “The Secret To Clara’s Calm” can be bought through Amazon. Written and designed by Tamara Levitt, and illustrated by Jeremy Bondy.

It’s a story that illustrates the skills of mindfulness for children so that when they get upset, they’ll be better able to take a pause, breathe, and observe their thoughts and feelings arise and pass away.