Tamara Levitt

Tamara is an author, producer, speaker, and Head of Mindfulness at Calm.com

Reinvention, with Arlene Dickinson

In this February 2021 podcast, Arlene interviews Tamara Levitt, the Head of Mindfulness at Calm - an app for meditation and better sleep - talking about anxiety, calmness and meditation. 

Tamara talks about her journey and her introduction to meditation.

The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Tamara had a Zoom interview with Ellen, during Covid lockdown, where they chatted about mindfulness and gratitude.

Tamara Leads a Gratitude Countdown

On the Zoom interview Tamara had on TheEllenShow, Tamara leads a Gratitude Countdown, which was created by Tamara’s friend and Producer at calm.com, Chris Advansun.

Tom Power, on CBC

Tamara Levitt, narrator of the Calm Meditation app, guides host Tom Power through a mindfulness exercise to calm anxiety. A simple breathing exercise that triggers the parasympathetic nervous system.

Breaking Beliefs with Amy Vetter

In this podcast, Amy Vetter, of Breaking Beliefs, shares a 2019 interview she had with Tamara on mindfulness in the workplace. 

Tamara discusses why people have sleep issues and how meditation can help.

The Morning Show, with Author Tamara Levitt

In this 2013 interview Tamara talks about her book ‘Happiness Doesn’t Come From Headstands’.

Tamara notes that children are learning to equate their self-worth with achievement and develop fears of failure, and how important it is to teach them that failure is OK, and how to grow from it; better equipping them to achieve success and happiness.